Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"Push To Open", oil on canvas, 24"x30".
I had considered titling this one "High Walls", a play on words with the walls of the Muni, and the social walls keeping these two people that are right next to each other from interacting but I thought it would have too much of a negative connotation. So I opted for, "Push To Open", a play on words with the sign at the bottom right and the effort of engagement that it takes to get someone to open up.


Janet said...

you decided on "Push To Open", I see. :D

Megan Wolfe said...

Sweet! Nice to see this one more "up close" (kinda hard to see it on your camera, lol). Looks tight, and I like the title. :) Look forward to seeing it in person!

Marcos Shih said...

Just so that everyone in the WORLD knows, Eddie's hobbies are:

1)spray painting kittens with cross signs
his reasoning: to begin the next crusade

2)tagging sleeping infants with cus words
his reasoning: bc he can't cus

3)promoting lies about how Utrecht is the #1 corporation in the world.
his reasoning: he hasn't told me yet, but if anyone knows please post it!


I find your blog, haha
so sad you don't paint at fadrel anymore~

The Rising Sound said...

awesome! you have your own page! so do i!!! sort of. its the campus crew. u should check out our page...i don't want to brag but it's kind of dope...tight like rope. lol

Michael Borja said...

Wuttup EDDIE! it's mike borja. found your blogger!